Hey, I’m Nancy

Front-end developer and tech researcher working in Toronto, Canada

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My work


Plant-Do is a task management tool inspired by Bullet Journaling to help our overwhelmed “monkey brains” focus on today. I built this app to apply what I learned from The Complete React Developer Course on Udemy and learn more about React Hooks and Context API. Read more about the Plant-Do project

What sound does a giraffe make?

A small fully responsive and accessible static website built with vanilla JavaScript, Pug templating, and CSS that leverages a serverless function (JavaScript, Node.js) to connect to the Mailchimp API. Read more about the What sound does a giraffe make? project


Expensify is a straight-forward React app to keep track of expenses. I completed this app as part of the The Complete React Developer Course on Udemy. Read more about the Expensify project

My skills

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • HTML / CSS
  • Video editing
  • App features benchmarking