Find out who I am, my favourite food, and what I'm all about

Who I am

My name is Nancy and I’m a front-end developer and tech researcher based out of Toronto, Canada.

Currently, I’m building a workout web app with vanilla JavaScript. My latest research project is a benchmarking of document editor features and capabilities.

My favourite thing to eat is hand-made ramen, but instant ramen is my comfort food. I also really like ice-cold coconut water.

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Me and a graffiti fish

Why hire me

I’m a self-taught developer motivated by problem solving. My tech research and front-end development skills grew out of curiosity for how technology works and how users interact with apps.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than perfecting my development skills to help nice people build website and web apps. If you are looking for help on your project please email me: hire@nancyhuynh.com

Oh and, Github is where my front-end code lives, feel free to check it out